We’re Making Serious Progress on URLEIA

report crdFor months, ONUS’s team has been working in the background, organizing and advancing the effort to make URLEIA law. Much has been accomplished and many people have been informed about URLEIA. Many have also joined this movement and taken an active role in moving URLEIA forward.

Our first goal is to build a national groundswell for URLEIA before we place it in the hands of a congressional sponsor. We want to make sure everyone understand why  URLEIA is different from bills coming out of Washington and why it is so important that URLEIA is enacted into law without any significant changes. We want citizens of this nation to get in an uproar if any congressional member attempts to water URLEIA down. Here are some of the things we have accomplished and some of the things we are working on:

  • Drafted The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA) and repeatedly updated the legislation to increase its effectiveness.
  • Formed a National Victims of Police Brutality and Terrorism Committee. All victims of police brutality are defacto members. The committee is facilitated by a number of people who have lost family members to police violence.
  • Formed an Endorsement Committee to secure URLEIA endorsements from organizations, businesses, politicians, and public personalities.
  • Developed solid connections with thousands of people across the nation, many of whom are volunteering to promote URLEIA in their local community.
  • Created a series of narrated PowerPoint presentations to educate the public about The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA) and posted the videos to this website.
  • Developed a series of tools the public can use to promote URLEIA and provided them on this website, including a URLEIA Anthem, Affirmations and talking points. Will soon post PowerPoint presentations members of the public can use when making presentations on URLEIA.
  • Developed URLEIA handouts that can be printed from this site on a local printer or ordered as pre-printed postcards on glossy stock. The postcard is an excellent handout and a perfect teaching aid when telling people about URLEIA.
  • Revamped the ONUS website to make it more engaging and user friendly.
  • Conducted countless radio and television interviews on stations across the nation to explain why URLEIA is essential to efforts to ensure accountability and transparency in policing.
  • Lobbied Congress twice to educate members about URLEIA and to identify a congressional sponsor.
  • Presented URLLEIA to the United Nations’ Listening Group on Human Rights.
  • Presented URLEIA at the 2015 Whistleblowers Summit and a People Demanding Action congressional briefing–both of which occurred on Capitol Hill.
  • Secured endorsements from Blacks in Government, which represents black employees working for local, state and the federal government as well as the Concerned Black Men of America, People Demanding Action, One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors, several retired or former law enforcement agents and myriad local grassroots organizations nationwide.
  • Participated on panels at academic institutions, including John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY, and William and Mary College,  in Williamsburg, VA.
  • Hosted numerous conference calls to educate the public about URLEIA.
  • Trained members serving on Victims of Police Brutality and Terrorism Committee so they can effectively communicate the benefits of URLEIA to other victim families.

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