URLEIA Is Way to End NFL Protest

National Football League (NFL) members displayed overwhelming support for Kaepernick’s “Take a Knee” campaign on Sunday, egged on by President Donald J. Trump’s inflammatory remarks that suggested NFL owners should fire players who refused to stand for the singing of the National Anthem. Football players, owners and team members rejected the President’s call for players to be fired and then joined in the “Take a Knee” protest coast to coast. The display leads observers and participants to ask, what’s next? Thank God The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Act (URLEIA) is ready and waiting in the wings. We now need Colin Kaepernick and others to focus on the solutions that URLEIA offers. ¬†You can help. Go to our twitter page located at @changeisonus1 and retweet to influential members of our national community, telling them about URLEIA and asking them to shine the light on this most important legislative proposal.

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