There are many ways to learn more about The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA)—A plan to end unconstitutional policing:  

1) Read the complete URLEIA Legislative Proposal Draft conceived of and written by Jerroll M. Sanders (Copyright 2015).

URLEIA Graphic

2) Review a summary of URLEIA provisions:


  1. Creates a national pattern or practice data bank called (POP).
  2. Requires every police and private-duty security officer in the nation to use the POP data bank for incident reporting.
  3. Tracks the individual actions of every police officer in the nation.
  4. Tracks the race, gender and age of every person who is the subject of a law enforcement incident or action.
  5. Provides data and reports that enable citizens and watchdogs to quickly identify and remove bad police officers.
  6. Deputizes licensed attorneys and gives them the power to act on behalf of DOJ to prosecute abusive police officers and law enforcement agencies.
  7. Forever bars an “unfit” police officer from working as a law enforcement agent anywhere in the United States.
  8. Provides a host of other benefits.


  1. Imposes upon law enforcement agents an “Obligation to preserve life and prevent injury” during the policing process.
  2. Hands over control of the entire investigative process following a police shooting to an independent investigative team selected by the family from state website.
  3. Empowers the independent investigative team, not public prosecutor, with the responsibility of presenting evidence to newly-selected grand jury.
  4. If grand jury indicts, family selects attorney (private prosecutor) to criminally prosecute law enforcement agent(s) accused of excessive force.
  5. Allows for speedy removal of law enforcement agents deemed “unfit.”
  6. Requires U.S. Attorney General to create an Office of Citizen Oversight and Accountability that ensures citizens are involved in determining national policing policies.
  7. Provides a host of other benefits.

3) Listen to URLEIA Narrated PowerPoint Presentations:

Short narrated video presentation on URLEIA.


Comprehensive one-hour and ten minute video presentation on URLEIA.


View this seven-minute video presentation with your church congregation:




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