Disparity Studies

There is no time when a disparity study is more needed, given the passage of the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. A disparity study measures to determine the degree to which different racial groups and segments are participating in a political jurisdiction’s contracting activities. If you want to make sure Blacks get their fair share of […]

Wielding Power!

At ONUS, we believe there are three things that confer power: 1) money, 2) the ability to mobilize a critical mass of people, and 3) political power. Over the last few years, America has witnessed the power exerted by a critical mass of people working in unison to achieve a very specific, well-defined outcome. Millions […]

We Are Committed to Real Policing Reform

We are committed to achieving real policing reform and not simply a form thereof. We know the answer to America’s policing problems is The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA), also known as The Equality in Policing Act. The knowledge we gained during the year-long process of crafting URLEIA was invaluable! It prepared us […]

ONUS Celebrates Five-year Collaboration with “THE One Million.”

ONUS, Inc., celebrates five-year collaboration with One Million Conscious & Conscientious Black Contributors & Voters (OMCCBCV), short name, “THE One Million.” “Being conscientious causes a conscious person to take appropriate action to solve the problems of which he or she is well aware and knowledgeable. A large part of our problem as Black people is […]

Policy Must Disrupt Law Enforcement Continuum

According to Jerroll Sanders—the person who conceived of and drafted The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA)—there was one aspect of the Michael Brown case she found extremely troubling. She didn’t understand how the medical examiner’s (ME’s) report refuted multiple eyewitness accounts that all claimed Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown point blank in the […]

URLEIA Meets All Amnesty’s Recommendations

URLEIA fulfills the requirements set forth in a report titled Deadly Force–Police Use of Lethal Force in the United States published, which was published by Amnesty International USA in 2015.  The Executive Summary of the report states: The first step to securing the right to life, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or […]