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Disparity Studies

There is no time when a disparity study is more needed, given the passage of the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. A disparity study measures to determine the degree to which different racial groups and segments are participating in a political jurisdiction’s contracting activities. If you want to make sure Blacks get their fair share of infrastructure dollars, demand that all levels of government initiate disparity studies right away. If a political jurisdiction is unwilling to conduct a study, gather interested business owners and conduct your own. Armed with data, you can demand that your government sets aside contracts to ensure equitable participation. The following articles explain how disparity studies are conducted. Approach personnel at your local educational institution to determine if that institution is willing to partner with your group and help build your group’s capacity to conduct its own disparity study. You should ensure a disparity study is conducted periodically to make sure your community is getting its fair share of contracting dollars.

Rutgers University conducts disparity study

Learn about the City of Boston’s disparity study

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