Is Policing a Criminal Enterprise

Federal criminal enterprise statutes specifically target criminal behavior conducted like a legitimate business. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is the most prominent of these statutes. A majority of these statutes, including RICO, require or permit especially severe punishments compared with other Federal legislation directed at the same criminal behavior.

Convicting a law enforcement officer in the United States for murdering a citizen without cause has become a near impossibility. Most escape responsibility due to evidence tampering by those along the policing continuum, including medical examiners, law enforcement agents and representatives of police unions and the fraternal order of police. Together, these defenders of law enforcement officers tamper with and tailor evidence to fit their narrowly concocted defense narratives so that officers who would otherwise be convicted are allowed to walk free.

The question of whether the collective actions of medical examiners, police officers, union and fraternal order representatives amount to a criminal enterprise pursuant to RICO warrant examination: Do these defenders of law enforcement officers represent themselves as legitimate business entities? Do they lie, conspire and tamper with evidence to conceal criminal activities, including murder, rape and physical abuse of women and other citizens? Do they devise and participate in elaborate, illegal schemes to get guilty officers off scot-free?

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