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A few months after Michael Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO, a small group of people who met while protesting convened in a small library room nearby. ONUS’s CEO–Jerroll Sanders–announced to the group that “we are going to devise a solution that to end police brutality once and for all.” No one in that room questioned the goal. Jerroll pulled out a poster-sized sheet of paper and tacked it to the board. She began drawing a flowchart diagram that laid out, step by step, the process that would guide us to the solution. Week after week, our devoted group of citizens met in that small library room where the updated flowchart was posted to show progress made by our Jerroll with respect to research, findings and the recommended solutions for each problem identified. A year after we began, The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA) was born. We and others remain convinced that URLEIA is the answer to America’s policing problem.

We are committed to achieving real policing reform and not simply a form thereof. The knowledge we gained during that year-long process of developing URLEIA was invaluable! It prepared us to quickly assess the value of any new policing proposal introduced. Because of our knowledge and research, we oppose the call to defund police. We also oppose the recently introduced George Floyd Act, formerly known as The Justice in Policing Act, which was introduced by the Democrats. The bill simply does not provide the protections we so desperately seek. For those who were not there during our journey, we want to familiarize you with the framework we use to evaluate policing proposals.

Any Good Policing Proposal Must Include the Following

  • Institute national standards so that policing is consistent and safe in every community, no matter where you live. 
  • Take the investigative process out of the hands of people who are part of the law enforcement continuum (prosecutors, medical examiners, police rank and file, etc.).
  • Stop unions and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) from intervening in the development of policing policies.
  • Ensure law enforcement agents know the law and are well trained.  
  • Empower citizens to influence the law enforcement process, ongoing. 
  • Capture detailed data on officer-level activities, minute by minute.
  • Detect problem officers early on.
  • Enact laws that hold officers accountable.
  • Stem mass incarceration to stop feeding the prison industrial complex.
  • Remove profit from policing and criminal justice activities.
  • Ascertain and track the crime solve rate in every neighborhood.
  • Promote the use and creation of new technology to make policing safer.
  • Install a nationwide quality process that is designed to achieve continual process improvement in policing activities.
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ONUS, Inc.’s mission is Resolving longstanding problems that seem too big to fix. Our goal is to formulate effective solutions for race-based problems that are creating poverty, despair and unjust conditions in the African-American community.

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