The Equality in Policing Act is a national legislative proposal that would make policing the same in every community throughout the United States. ONUS is working to make The Equality in Policing Act law. 


  • Creates a national pattern or practice data bank (POP).
  • Requires every police and private-duty officer in the nation to use the POP data bank for incident reporting.
  • Tracks the individual actions of every police officer in the nation.
  • Tracks the race, gender and age of every person who is the subject of a law enforcement incident or action.
  • Deputizes licensed attorneys and empowers them to prosecute abusive law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
  • Provides data and reports that enable citizens and watchdogs to quickly identify and permanently remove bad law enforcement officers from policing and private-duty security. 
  • Forever bars “unfit” police officers from working as law enforcement agents anywhere in the United States. 
  • Imposes an obligation to “preserve life and prevent injury” during the process of policing.  


  • Hands control of the entire investigative process to an indepenent investigative team when there is a “use of force” event. 
  • Imbues independent investigators, not public prosecutors, with authority to present evidence to a newly-selected grand jury. 
  • If grand jury indicts, enables family to select attorney (private prosecutor) to prosecute accused law enforcement agents. 
  • Introduces one national use of force standard that is applied nationwide.


  • Allows for speedy and permanent removal of problem law enforcement officers deemed “unfit” from the national law enforcement landscape.
  • Imposes upon law enforcement an Obligation to Preserve Life and Prevent Injury as a core tenant of policing. 
  • Requires the U.S. Attorney General to implement and oversee an Office of Civilian Oversight and Accountability that significantly involves citizns in crafting national policing policies.