Longstanding problems are longstanding for a reason.

Message from Our CEO–Jerroll Sanders

In my corporate capacity serving clients large and small, I have been faced with taking on problems that corporate internal personnel found difficult or impossible to resolve. The words cannot have never been defining for me because someone has to figure out how to do what others say is impossible if we are ever to advance agendas and priorities. I have no doubt that someone uttered the words impossible when the U.S. first set out to travel to the moon. While traveling to the moon is not one of our current agenda items, overhauling America’s complex policing problem via a federal remedy is. While many say it is impossible to standardize policing nationwide, we persist in our efforts nonetheless. We are absolutely convinced that the many provisions in The Equality in Policing Act, known formally as The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA) are essential to ensuring constitutional policing nationwide. We will persist in changing policing until our goals are realized.    

In the midst of our sustained focus on policing, we take on other race-based problems that create poverty and despair within the African-American community because we believe it is incumbent upon us (Change Is On Us) to resolve the problems that adversely impact our communities. Our name ONUS, Inc. is an ever-present reminder that we–African Americans–must take ownership for resolving our problems and improving the individual and collective lives of community members. If African-American children are not succeeding educationally, the onus is upon African Americans to change the tide. If a contracting policy gives an unfair advantage to non-minoirities, the onus is upon African Americans to ensure the policy is changed. Securing change is only the first step. Preserving change is equally important and that is why we are cequally ommitted to engaging in ongoing surveillance and monitoring to ensure problems resolve do not resurface. 

Jerroll Sanders