ONUS, Inc.’s mission is,  Resolving longstanding problems that seem too big to fix.  Our goal is to formulate effective solutions for race-based problems that are creating poverty, despair and unjust conditions in the African-American community.
 The name of our organization is ONUS, Inc. ONUS means  “on us.” The name ONUS serves as a constant reminder that we as African Americans must take ownership for improving our lives individually and as a community. If African-American children are not succeeding educationally, the onus is upon African Americans to take the steps necessary to ensure African-American children receive quality educational experiences. If a contracting policy gives an unfair advantage to non-minorities, the onus is upon African Americans to unite with other affected groups to ensure the policy is changed. ONUS’s goals are consistent with America’s promises. ONUS’s Approach We embrace the ‘change management approach’ adopted by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Thurgood Marshall. We scour the nation for repeated episodes of certain inequities so we can leverage the inequities to bring about sweeping changes. We then institute ongoing monitoring to make sure the problems we resolve do not resurface and continue to unfairly and adversely affect African Americans.