Longstanding problems are longstanding for a reason.

Message from Our CEO—Jerroll Sanders

We launched ONUS to address the really difficult problems that rob African Americans of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are determined to find the path to equity when others see no way. It is our belief that African Americans alone are responsible for leveling the playing field despite the inequities constantly heaped upon us. Our lens is crystal clear: Change is on us! to bring about. If African American students are failing in school, African American parents must take ownership for dramatically improving academic outcomes. If contractors are not getting their share of the contracting pie, African Americans must remedy the lack of inclusion. African Americans alone must overcome obstacles and impediments that stand in our way.

ONUS is currently devoting resources to two primary issues: 

  1. Standardizing policing in every community throughout the nation by enacting The Equality in Policing Act into law [known formally as The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA)], and 
  2. Ensuring African Americans can redress civil wrongs in courts that are fair and equitable.
Jerroll Sanders, CEO JerrollSanders.com