Anyone who doesn’t act in my community’s interest is my enemy.

Anyone who tells me I can’t do what others can do is a liar.

Anyone who harms my child or family member invites my wrath.

Anyone who tries to step on me will sever his foot.

Anyone who sells me out shall never again eat from my table.

I am determined and I am formidable.

The future is mine to define!

–Jerroll Sanders

The Essence of Me—

The words “no,” “wait,” “can’t” and “never” have been permanently removed from my mindset.

I shall speak the words and carryout the actions that create good things for me.

I shall evidence my commitment to change by giving to my community time and money.

When it comes to advancing the condition of my community, I shall concede nothing.

For I cannot expect to enjoy tomorrow what I do not create today.

The future is mine to define!

–Jerroll Sanders