View an up-to-date report on federal legislation proposed or enacted by congress pertaining to law enforcement.

ONUS has studied the policing problem and believes that working on local legislative changes related to policing is a waste of time, since URLEIA will supersede all local legislative initiatives. URLEIA is different from any legislation proposed or enacted by Congress. It contains penalties, policies and requirements that create accountability and transparency in policing. URLEIA is designed to prevent unjustified killings and police brutality by changing policing at the most fundamental level. Legislation coming out of Washington tends to focus on counting bodies after people have been killed by law enforcement or on training and other soft solutions.

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ONUS, Inc.’s mission is Resolving longstanding problems that seem too big to fix. Our goal is to formulate effective solutions for race-based problems that are creating poverty, despair and unjust conditions in the African-American community.

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