SpeakUP and SpeakOut Logo w text copyImagine a group of highly informed adults and youth, united in purpose, acting on a shared body of information and facts, equipped to educate the public and promote an agenda of equality for all.

Speak Up & Speak Out!

Presented by ONUS, Inc., Speak Up & Speak Out! is a national program that helps community members become superstar-level  speakers. Participants gain the opportunity to refine their public speaking skills while delivering speeches to friends, family members, community groups, church congregations, and business organizations on an annual topic selected by ONUS, Inc. Some participants may even have an opportunity to speak on local and national broadcasts. The current declared topic is “Strip Law Enforcement of Unbridled Power!”

Start a Speak Up & Speak Out! chapter at your organization or church. ONUS is looking to spur the creation of Speak Up & Speak Out! chapters across the country. If you are interested in starting a chapter, email us at SpeakOut@changeisonus.org.

Note: ONUS strongly encourages every parent and group to take great care to ensure youth speakers are placed in the hands of at least two caring and highly trusted adults.