Educate the public. Purchase URLEIA postcards or print URLEIA flyers and hand them out as you are moving about in your community.

Show the URLEIA PowerPoint presentation to your congregation. We designed one just for churches. Note: URLEIA is not a political issue; it is a legislative issue designed to secure social change. Thus, your church does not jeopardize its non-profit status by getting involved.

Use your stage to promote URLEIA. If you are a public personality or you have opportunities to talk about policing at forums or events, educate people about URLEIA. Check our Events Schedule on the HOME page to find out when we are hosting our next URLEIA training session.

Help us obtain radio and TV interviews. If you have access to a radio or television hosts or want to suggest a show we should appear on, write down the show contact information and email it to us at or leave it on our voicemail at 202.817.1331.

Lobby your congressional leaders. Follow this link to learn how. Urge your family and friends to do the same.

  • Retweet and repost information on this website using social media icons.
  • Retweet messages posted to our @Changeisonus1 (twitter) and changeisonus (Facebook) accounts.
  • Reference URLEIA when posting photos or discussing police brutality.
  • Use conference call services and services such as Skype and Google Hangout to communicate with groups remotely.

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ONUS, Inc.’s mission is Resolving longstanding problems that seem too big to fix. Our goal is to formulate effective solutions for race-based problems that are creating poverty, despair and unjust conditions in the African-American community.

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