shadow-1[1]Empty Shoes: Say Their Names

How many people in America have lost their lives due to an unjustified law enforcement killing? Who has been wrongfully maimed or abused by law enforcement? It’s time to say their names.

There is currently no reliable data or information source that identifies the number and names of persons killed or injured by law enforcement agents. It’s time for America to STOP and acknowledge the names of people wrongfully killed or injured by law enforcement agents. It’s time to say their names!

ONUS, Inc., is asking every family in the United States who has had a family member unjustifiably killed by a law enforcement agent to participate in this campaign. Here is what we need you to do:

Secure a pair of shoes similar to the ones your loved one wore or would have worn at the time of his or her death or injury at the hands of a law enforcement agent.


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