Join the Call for Congressional Hearings on Policing

Congressional hearings enable legislators and the viewing public to ascertain accurate information about an issue, topic, or social problem. Onus is asking proponents of policing reform to appeal to their local, state and elected officials for federal and state-level hearings to determine the State of Law Enforcement. Research reveals that rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, bank robers, murderers, human traffickers and other sordid beings are among the ranks of law enforcement agents. We cannot know the depth and breadth of policing reform required without first determining the breath and depth of America’s law enforcement problem. Are there just a few bad apples or is the entire policing barrel rotten? It’s time we find out! Contact local and congressional legislators and make your request known. It’s time for hearings to determine the State of Law Enforcement in America.    

Note: You or a community group can take the lead in spearheading a community hearing on policing. The following resource may prove helpful during your planning.    

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