Biden and Harris: Right Your Criminal Justice Record by Promising to Enact the Equality in Policing Act (URLEIA) in Its Complete Form.

Jerroll Sanders, Pres. of Onus, with mothers of children killed by police: Marion Gray-Hopkins (Gary Hopkins), Gina Best (India Kager) and Darlene Cain (Dale Graham) speaking to audience in Virginia Beach.

"No Justice, No Peace!" Can No Longer Be the Standard

To the person who is killed without cause by a police officer, there can be no justice: There is no check large enough, no jail sentence long enough and no protest expansive enough to restore lives taken without cause by police officers. 

That’s why we at ONUS, Inc., wrote The Equality in Policing Act (formally known as The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA)). We know that preventing police brutality is every bit as important as holding officers accountable when they engage in misdeeds. ONUS and others concerned about unconstitutional policing are calling upon Democratic Candidates Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris to engage in fair trade, i.e., to pledge to enact URLEIA in its most complete form in exchange for our vote. Note: We do not want nor will we accept the Justice in Policing Act introduced by the Democrats. The bill will do nothing to end unjustified police killings. 

You Should Know Their Names and Their Stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Hopkins’ Story–Son of Marion Gray Hopkins, Coalition of Concerned Mothers 

India Kager’s Story–Daughter of Gina Best

Dale Graham’s Story–Son of Darlene Cain

Why is this important?

URLEIA sets in place ongoing pattern or practice (POP) investigations in every community throughout the United States. A Pattern or Practice Investigation is the tool the Department of Justice (DOJ) currently uses to curtail unconstitutional policing in local jurisdictions. Investigations are usually commenced by DOJ after highly-publicized use-of-force events such as the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. URLEIA allows for the early identification and permanent removal of problem officers. It also introduces a host of new nationwide standards for policing, including a national use-of-force statute, training requirements, monitoring and measurement mechanisms, policies for interfacing with disabled citizens as well as “smart policing,” which imposes upon law enforcement officers an obligation to preserve life and prevent injury. A hallmark of URLEIA is its data collection function; It captures minute-by-minute data on the actions of every law enforcement agent in the United States, including those working for local policing jurisdictions, jails, prisons, juvenile facilities and private-duty security firms. Learn more:

How it will be delivered

In person with a contingent of citizens.

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The Equality in Policing Act

The Equality in Policing Act


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