URLEIA rests on firm constitutional ground

One of this nation’s premiere constitutional professors just reviewed our transformative national policing proposal known as The Equality in Policing Act(formally titled The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA)). Gregory P. Magarian[i], the Thomas and Karole Green Professor of Law at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, MO, sought to discern how Congress might defend URLEIA […]

No Doubt. URLEIA Is The Solution!

URLEIA is a first-of-its kind legislative proposal that seeks to confer managerial control over policing to Congress while leaving operational control with states—something constitutional professors long held was impossible to do. URLEIA’s dual state/federal governing structure imposes common standards on every private-duty security firm and local, state, and federal policing entity in the nation. URLEIA offers a […]

George Floyd Act Is Not Enough

Many believe The George Floyd in Policing Act is the best policing reform legislation we can get in this racially charged environment. But not everyone believes that getting what we can is good enough. Settling for “the best we can get” is also fueled by a commonly held belief that there is no way to […]

Effects of Unconstitutional Policing

Congressional hearings have been held on policing. The hearings focused on gathering information needed to improve the relationship between communities and law enforcement. ONUS is calling for more comprehensive congressional hearings–ones that examine policing from every possible perspective. There are a number of questions we want answered:     Do different segments of society interact differently […]

Policing: Not a Black vs. White Police Issue

Public policy is the net effect of a political jurisdiction’s (government’s) funding priorities, regulations, policies, and system of laws, as well as the enforcement or lack of enforcement thereof. A political entities system of laws include government formation documents (a constitution, Declaration of Independence, municipal charter), legislatively enacted law, and court decisions and judicial opinions […]