George Floyd Act Is Not Enough

Many believe The George Floyd in Policing Act is the best policing reform legislation we can get in this racially charged environment. But not everyone believes that getting what we can is good enough. Settling for “the best we can get” is also fueled by a commonly held belief that there is no way to federalize policing given constraints impossed upon the federal government by the U.S. 

Constitution. An article by Constitutional Professor Alexis Karteron examines barriers that have hindered the federal government’s ability to direct activities at the more than 18,000 policing entities in the nation. The Equality in Policing Act (formally known as The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act) overcomes the barriers cited in Karteron’s article. We can have an environment where policing standards, expectations, accountability, and quality are consistent nationwide. Too many have paid too much to settle for The George Floyd Justice and Policing Act.

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