No Doubt. URLEIA Is The Solution!

URLEIA is a first-of-its kind legislative proposal that seeks to confer managerial control over policing to Congress while leaving operational control with states—something constitutional professors long held was impossible to do.

URLEIA’s dual state/federal governing structure imposes common standards on every private-duty security firm and local, state, and federal policing entity in the nation. URLEIA offers a host of other benefits that include 24-hour pattern and practice monitoring to capture and disclose the patterns and practices of every law enforcement agent and policing entity in the United States, a new use-of-force standard rooted in an obligation to preserve life and prevent injury, an focus on better crime solving, and improved interactions between citizens and law enforcement. approach to better crime sostrategies for  commitment to preserving life  and a focus on an obligation to preserve life and prevent injury. The degree to which URLEIA will transform policing in America cannot be overstated! (Learn more about URLEIA).